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Hey there! This is Alka and Anuraag, just two ordinary parents on an extraordinary journey called parenthood. Like any parents, we eagerly awaited the arrival of our first child, and that’s when everything changed. We transformed from carefree souls into vigilant safety wardens, making sure that every aspect of our little one’s world was safe and sound.

After the arrival of our beloved little one, Mehr, we immediately embarked on a quest to ensure that she received nothing but the finest care. However, despite our dedicated research and sincere efforts, we encountered a hurdle along the way. Our daughter struggled to find comfort and restful sleep on her fancy new cot, which we thought would be perfect for her. It was a frustrating time as she grew increasingly restless and fussy due to the lack of quality sleep.

That’s when our parents came to the rescue, suggesting we try pure cotton bed sheets. Surprisingly, these simple sheets worked wonders for our little one, allowing her to sleep peacefully and soundly. This eye-opening experience made us question whether we were providing a truly comfortable bedding environment not just for our little ones, but also for our elderly parents and ourselves. We realized that uninterrupted sleep for a solid six hours was a struggle for us too.

As relieved parents, we knew we had stumbled upon something important. We felt the urge to share this revelation with the world, knowing that a fancy cot alone couldn’t guarantee the comfort we all needed. This led us on a journey of endless research, exploring the perfect fabrics to enhance our bedding experience. The quest for finding the best bedding solution led us to understand the importance of using the purest and the best quality cotton for all our fabric requirements.

During our exploration, we discovered the immense potential of our country, in terms of unmatched quality and centuries of traditional craftsmanship. Inspired by this, Ministry of Fabrics was born! Ministry of Fabrics is our attempt at bringing to you India’s most beautifully crafted fabrics. a perfect blend of rich Indian culture and contemporary living. We wanted to offer natural fabrics that truly prioritize the comfort and well-being of our little ones, ourselves, and even our elders. We collaborate with small Indian brands and artisans creating a uniquely desi experience.

Join us on this incredible journey where we never compromise on comfort and happiness by offering you the best forms of fabrics inspired by the love and care we have for our own family.

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